Recycled TP Roll Flowers

Instead of recycling your toilet paper rolls, make them into flowers!  This could be an activity you do to decorate your child’s room, or an activity you do together with an older kid.


Step 1: Cut your TP rolls into smallish strips


Step 2:  Using a hot glue gun, put a dab of glue in the middle of one of the strips. If you are working with kids, this is something you should do rather than them. It’s very easy to burn yourself doing this.


Step 3: Position another strip on top of the first at a roughly 90-degree angle.


Step 4: Continue to adhere more and more strips at 90-degree angles until you have a flushed-out flower


Step 5: Cut a piece of scrap fabric into a circle and use your hot glue gun to adhere it to the middle of the flower.


I’m making several of these to put into a pretend flower box that will hang on my son’s closet door, leading to his “playhouse area.”  You could also use these for a million other purposes:

  • Use these as packing material when mailing a gift
  • Attach them to pipe cleaners or glue to wood sticks and use as fake bouquets or flower arrangements
  • Put velcro on the back and use as pretend corsages
  • Put them into a pot or other container for a doll garden
  • Hang them on a string or ribbon as a room decoration