The Joys of Being a Homebody

“Homebody” has a bit of a negative connotation.  And let’s face it, so does “stay at home.”  This blog is about changing that: providing easily searchable ideas for DIY toys, games, and activities, as well as encouragement for doing things your own way.  (And it’s not just for moms or dads who stay home — this is a blog for everyone!)

What’s so great about being a homebody?

Staying at home lets you avoid the chaos of rushing from this to that.  I’m not suggestion that you don’t do things.  My toddler (whom I will call “J” for the purposes of this blog) and I do yoga, go to playdates, and take a class at a local preschool.  But I find that J and I are more stressed on these days.  He doesn’t much like the car (unless he is “driving”), and that means that going anywhere can be a challenge.

You can do things your way.  I’m not a control freak (most of the time), but it’s nice to be able to make your own rules.  You don’t have to worry about someone else judging your parenting when your little one has a tantrum.  You don’t have to worry about your little one having a tantrum because she wants a candy bar she sees in the grocery checkout line.  And you don’t have to try to keep your kid away from influences you may not like, whatever those may be.

It’s free!  Most home activities are free or really cheap.  You can play in the yard or a nearby park, get out some pots and pans and play in the kitchen, or make crafts with your crayons and construction paper.  Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you need to buy lots of toys.  As you’ve likely found, kids often have more fun with the cardboard box than the expensive toy that came in it.

It gives you a chance to slow down.  We are always rushing, rushing, rushing these days.  But I firmly believe that it’s best for kids not to rush.  The way to learn and develop a curiosity about the world is to have a chance to calmly investigate it at your leisure.  Let your child throw himself into playing with sand or water for a few hours if he wants!  Enjoy the peace of sitting calmly nearby or raking leaves or doing some meditative breathing.  We all benefit when we slow down.

It’s creative and fun.  I love organizing things and making things.  Much of the time, the creation is more fun for me than the utilization of something.  I love making toys and creating games to play with my son.  It’s a way for me to express my creativity and to practice seeing the world through his eyes.  I find myself excitedly noticing a huge leaf on the ground when I take our dog for a walk while Hubby puts J to sleep — because I want to show it to J the next day and see his eyes light up with interest.  It’s a way to be young again and express yourself.

There are a million other reasons, of course, but here are a few to get this blog started.  I look forward to sharing more ideas in the future!