DIY Play Silks


One of the most versatile toys in Waldorf education are the lauded “play silks.”  You can do a million different things with them, from use them as toy blankets to dress-up items to peekaboo toys.

Play silks can be purchased all over the Internet, and many of them are truly beautiful.  But why not make your own for free?  You can even work with your little one to decorate them in a personalized way!


Old bed skirt (I used a queen-sized skirt)

Pinking shears


  1. Decide what size(s) you want your silks to be.  You can either “eye it” as you cut or measure ahead.  As you might guess, I “eyed it,” and they turned out fine.
  2. Use the pinking shears to cut large squares or rectangles from the center of the bed skirt.  You could do do this with almost anything, but I found the center of the bed skirt to be ideal because it’s just wasted fabric and is light and airy.  It’s not “silk” (at least in the case of my bed skirt!), but it works just fine.DSC03660
  3. Cut out as many silks as you can.  You can keep the leftover bed skirt part (the pretty part you see under the bed) to use in another project.  I plan to use ours to make valances for our living room windows.


I plan to work with J to tie-dye these silks in the future, but they work just fine as white silks for now.  Here are a few things we are using them for:


Hiding the clutter of extra toys when we want to focus on something else


Good night, Snoopy!


Hiding some balls — J loves to hide and find things



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