DIY Toy “Salt” Shaker


This is the easiest and most amazing (and free!) toy ever.  J loves the salt shaker and if I open the spice drawer, will scramble over as fast as he can and try to grab any spice he can.  He loves to shake them, which of course results in salt or spices ALL OVER.

I decided he might like to play with something like this using sand, dirt, or water, so I created a “shaker” for him.  You can play with it in the water (bathtime, water table, pool, etc.) or in the sand and dirt.  If you made the holes larger, you could even use it with small gravel or other substances.

Materials Needed:

Empty plastic container with lid (I used an old peanut butter container)

Electric drill


  1. Thoroughly clean the plastic container and remove any labels.
  2. Decide what size you want the holes to be and select the correct drill bit.  Be sure not to make the holes too small, or nothing will easily come out of them.
  3. Drill holes around the lid in whatever configuration you want, being careful to be consistent but not getting too close to the edges.

Super easy, super cheap, and super fun!


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